Tribe One Jungle Cord Bungee

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Tribe One Jungle Cord

The Tribe One Jungle Cord is an adjustable custom braided bungee cord that can actually hook back into itself at any location along its length, making it adjustable to any useable length you want. A new twist on an old bungee cord system, creating a revolutionary new product. No more messing with bungee cords that arent quite the right length. With it's unique 3/16 military grade shock cord, steel reinforced hooks and Tribe One's exclusive included Pack Taches, this briaded shock cord turned bungee cord can be adjusted to adapt to just about any length within 8 feet. Using the included Pack Taches, you can also attach the Jungle Cord bungee to just about any fabric, canvas or tarp type material without the need for specific tie points or grommets.

* Includes 2 Jungle Cord bungee cords and 4 Pack Tachs at one amazing low price!

As seen on The Outdoor Channel - The Adventure Series with Steve West!

Materials: 3/16 Military Grade Shock Cord

Rested Length: 4 Ft

Stretched Length: 8 Ft

Tensile Strength: 900 Lbs

Pach Tach Load Force: 50 Lbs