SMC Mountaineering 8 Descender

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SMC Mountaineering 8 Descender?




The SMC Mountaineering 8 Descender? is easy to rig, even when wearing gloves and very durable. Lightweight smooth action on belay and rappel. Made with high quality aluminum, hardcoat anodized black for extra resistance to wear and abrasion. Works well with ropes 8mm to 12.5mm. Get additional friction by increasing the number of wraps. Carabiner hole can be used as a belay plate.


Dimensions: 4.58 x 2.96?

Weight: 2.9 oz/82g

3 Sigma test: 6,070 lbf (27kN) Pin to Pin; 3 Sigma test: 4046 lbf(18kN) system

Mountain and Urban Rescue, industrial-work related, Tactical-military and law enforcement, mountaineering, caving, rope courses

Mas rope size: Single to 1/2 (12.5mm)