eGrips Drop Art Starter Kit

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eGrips Drop Art Starter Kit with Hardware?




This Drop Art Climbing wall starter kit includes the 50 classic shapes all in the original eGrips Drop Art style. Among the best artistic design sets from master shapers Ty Foose and Ian Powell and with a range of positive jugs, mini-jugs, crimps and footholds,? this Drop Art Kit is an excellent starter kit for home walls. Hardware is included.

The eGRIPS logo circle in the upper right corner of the product image above is for scale. The diameter of the logo is 2 inches.??

?eGrips produces climbing hold sets in 11 standard eGrips colors. Your order will include sets in a range of the following colors:?



eGrips offers a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer’s defects in eGrips climbing holds. If you believe you have identified a problem with an eGrips climbing hold and after evaluation eGrips confirms this to be a manufacturer’s defect, eGripswe will replace the hold at no cost or exchange for a different hold or set. Please contact an eGrips customer service with any warranty questions at 800.860.365??


eGrips are made of their unique polyurethane material developed through a long history of experience. The material is incredibly strong and resilient to any cracking, chipping or breaking that may be found in polyester resin holds or less quality polyurethane lines, which makes eGrips a top choice for those who consider strength, friction, durability, along with a high quality of design.?


Sorry, but this product does not currently ship to Canada, Alaska or Hawaii.?