Tribe One OP Series MiniNet Personal Cargo Net

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Tribe One OP Series MiniNet

Personal Cargo Net

The Tribe One OP Series MiniNet is a perfect addition to any duffel bag or small to medium size backpack. The MiniNet is a personal cargo net that adds convenient handy access to regularly needed items or a quick way to carry extra gear by securely adding an additional 18 liters of exterior storage space without causing any damage to your gear. Featuring 4 primary attachment points and 4 additional secondary attachment points for easily attaching to any fabric, canvas, tarp or similar material as well as easily attaching additional gear in multiple configurations using a carabiner and Tribe One Pach Tach system. Includes 4 carabiners and Tribe One Pack Taches.

Use the OP Series MiniNet to more conveniently carry a soccer ball, football, volleyball, rugby ball, cleats, jacket, towel, swim or other gear on the outside of your bag or backpack for easy access, drying, keeping the rest of your gear protected or just to get extra space in your bag or pack.

Material: 3/16 military grade nylon shock cord

Tensile Strength: 300 lbs

Capacity: 18 Liters

Weight: 3.2 oz

Coverage Area: 12 X 12

Available in 4 colors - Black, Desert Tan, Olive Drab and Yellow