Fly Fishing Line

Fly Fishing Line Important things to know about fly fishing lines: Fly lines come in 4 different tapers: 1-Weight Forward (WF) - Allows one to make short to long distance (20 to 80 feet) casts. Versatile and works well in a variety of situations due to the bulk of the front taper, head and rear taper of the line being in the front half sections of the line. 2-Double Taper (DT) - No taper at all, low performance characteristics in most situations. 3-Shooting Taper (ST) - Similar to a WF; however, it does not have a rear taper. Instead the line has a front taper and head that if then joined with a loop to loop junction followed by a straight, fine diameter running line. Designed primarily for long distance casting. 4-Triangle Taper (TT) - The triangle taper is similar to a WF line but has no head section. Instead it has a long front taper, no head and a shorter rear taper followed by a straight section.