Redfeather Hike Series Snowshoes and Snowshoe Kit


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Redfeather Hike Series Snowshoes and Snowshoe Kits for Men and Women

Redfeather snowshoes are among the best in snowshoes. The Redfeather Hike Series Snowshoes are ideal for casual winter hiking, walking, and outdoor exploration. Redfeather’s rounded tail design provides maximum flotation and balance in deep snow. The All Terrain Bindings are extremely easy to put on and take off and quickly adjust to accomodate a wide variety of footwear. The bindings will always stay snug and secure.

The Redfeather Hike Series Snowshoe is the perfect snowshoe for people just getting into the sport. Great quality and value All Terrain Binding for a reliable yet adjustable fit. Live Action Hinge technology — snowshoe springs back after each step providing smooth, natural ergonomic motion. Stainless steel front and rear crampons offer superior traction.

Comes in 4 sizes:

8 x 22 (up to 150 lbs)

8 x 25 (up to 175 lbs)

9 x 30 (up to 220 lbs)

9.5 x 36 (over 220 lbs)


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